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The Future of Gold Detection is Here!

Extreme Gold Depth

So how deep can you go? Well, up to 40%* deeper than the GPX series. Old

gold fields are new again, thanks to the revolutionary new ZVT technology.

Minelab takes you much deeper than ever before!

Maximum Gold Sensitivity

The incredible sensitivity of the GPZ 7000 with the Super‑D coil gives you the
ultimate advantage in the field. Find gold others have missed, from sub-gram
gold through to those elusive ‘retirement nuggets’ still out there.

Precision Ground Balance

Most gold is buried in the mineralized ‘difficult’ ground that many detectors
can’t cope with. The GPZ 7000 accurately ‘balances’ and automatically ‘tracks’
to even the most severe ground conditions, with ease.

Enhanced Noise Immunity

The outstanding noise immunity of the GPZ 7000 enables very smooth and
quiet detecting. With 256 Noise Cancel channels, the GPZ 7000 picks up less
atmospheric noise. Listen to the gold, not the noise interference!
* When compared to the average performance of the GPX 5000 in typical environments. Actual performance
depends on prevailing conditions.

Simple Menu System

The easy-to-use Menu Pages group similar functions together under
Detect and Map sections, with all settings quickly accessible. Use the Guide
Sequences to get started. You don’t need to be an expert to find gold!

Wireless Audio Freedom

Detect without your headphones attached to the detector. With the WM 12
Wireless Module you have the choice of using the in-built speaker, the
supplied headphones, or your favourite headphones.

GPS Locating & PC Mapping

See your location and log gold finds as you detect. With the built-in GPS you’ll
efficiently cover more ground and won’t miss a nugget! Record your favourite
‘hot-spots’ by saving data to XChange 2 with Google Maps.

Waterproof Coil to 1 m (3 ft)‡

The GPZ 14 coil is waterproof and submersible to a depth of 1 m (3 ft). You
can easily detect rivers and shorelines with no fuss! The weatherproof design
of the GPZ 7000 allows you to go detecting in rainy or wet conditions.
‡ GPZ 7000 detector is weatherproof only. GPZ 14 coil is fully waterproof to 1 m (3 ft). WM 12 is not waterproof
or weatherproof.




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